Foundation Achievement Standard Lesson 7 – Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day


Oral Health Services NT in 2010 designed a tooth brushing manual with updated information and recommended ways to brush teeth. This song has been written to assist students in learning how to brush their teeth regularly twice a day. Learning in song form is aimed at making teeth rottabrushing an exciting experience. The Rotta mentioned in the song is a character within NT Oral Health’s tooth brushing manual.


Show the students how the teacher says the words and then the children echo the words.

Talk through the words and ask the children what they think the message is at the end of each verse. Write their answers on the whiteboard or an A3 sheet of paper.

Show the students the Rotta character


Print and enlarge a copy of the song and display on the whiteboard.

Whiteboard marker or A3 sheet of paper and textas.

A copy of the toothbrushing manual or a copy of the Rotta character.

Materials for Activity 2

Rotta Character materials: playdough or plasticine – a handful per person, toothpicks, pipe cleaners, goggle eyes (optional) OR environmental materials such as twigs, seeds, leaves, grasses











Students can create movements to the song and link individual ideas together to make a dance. Alternatively they can march around the school or around the room singing the song with the teacher leading.


Ask students to design a Rotta character using the materials supplied (if using environmental materials they can be collected prior to the lesson or the children can go outside in small groups and collect materials but the lesson will be longer than 60 minutes)

Once they have made an ugly Rotta, ask them to give it a new name and write their own name on a tag (B5 sheet size or cardboard or paper) Display the Rotta and the Tag on a bench in the room. Some could be displayed in the front foyer of the school. You could also make a large mouth or a large tooth and stick the Rottas on and around the central figure.

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