Foundation Achievement Standard Lesson 8 – The Brushing Teeth Routine


Read through the song on the board with the students. Some may like to volunteer to have a go at reading or pointing to a familiar word.


There is a follow up and displaying option at the end of the lesson. Please read as part of your preparation.toothpaste_02how_to_brush_your_teeth

Have a copy of the “How to Brush Your Teeth” song on the whiteboard or Smartboard for the students to see.

Pencils for each student and a piece of B5 sized paper per student.

If you can provide each child with a new, named toothbrush, that would be ideal, otherwise the students can use their pointer finger for the actions.

Suggested contacts are: (Freight is usually payable by the receiver)

Angela Tascone – Colgate Rep for WA & NT
Mobile: 0400 505 223 Fax: (08) 94555134

Call Centre: 1800 262 111

– or –

Henry Schein Halas (dental supply complany) Adelaide
Phone: 1300 65 88 22 Fax: 1300 65 88 10
Speak to Patricia

Toothbrush sizes are: Adult, Child – 6+ years, Junior – 12 – 18 months to 6 years

For further advice regarding Oral Health:toothpaste

Alana Booth | Coordinator Oral Health Promotion
Health Development Branch | Department of Health
9 Scaturchio St, Casuarina, NT 0810 | PO Box 40596, Casuarina, NT 0811
p. (08) 8922 6406 | f. (08) 8922 6426 |

Refer to the Tooth Brushing Manual link for correct explanation of circle, flicks and scrubs.


Sing the song with the students. Perhaps with the teacher singing first and then followed by the students.toothbrush2

Ask the following questions:

1) What is the song about?

2) Which words tell us HOW to brush our teeth ( circle, flick, scrubbing)

3) How MUCH toothpaste do we use? (Have the children show pea size with their fingers)

Sing through the song again with the students. Sing each verse twice to help them remember it.

4) WHY do we brush our teeth? (Write ideas on the board)

5) With a show of hands, who brushes their teeth once a day? Twice? More?



Ask the students to help put a number next to each step in the tooth brushing process in the song.toothbrush_dragon

Allocate each student a number and ask them to make a drawing of that step.

When drawings are complete, students sit in a circle with their picture in their hand. Sing through the song again and students hold up their picture when the relevant part of the song is sung.

Now put the students into groups so that each number or stage of the tooth brushing process is represented. Ask the students to put themselves into the correct order. Ask each group to stand up and show the rest of the class their order. The class can confirm the order or suggest a comment on how to fix up their order.


Display the pictures under each verse or step of the tooth brushing process by cutting out the song and gluing a verse on an A3 sheet of paper. A follow up reading activity could be to put the A3 sheets in order by looking at the pictures and using the words to help.

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