Foundation Achievement Standard Lesson 5 – Scoring a Healthy Lunch


An example of a note home to inform parents of a Healthy Lunch Box Day at Bees Creek PS, N.T. is here. note_home

If your students are receiving school lunches, they could still score their lunch using the points system below, with an older buddy per younger student.

  • You will need to organise a buddy class to come and help your students score their lunch or you could rate each child one at a time as a whole class if you have a small number and plenty of

    If your students have an organised school lunch then you can still rate this by looking at the lunch as a whole group and scoring. Perhaps score a lunch each day for the week and give your feedback to the canteen manager and discuss the way some of the food is actually cooked.

    A copy of the open lunch box picture per younger child (or you could provide a small box with a lid to serve as a lunchbox per child), for them to draw their food items.


With a buddy helping, your students score either their whole lunch box (including recess) or they score just their lunch. The big buddy can read the score board and add the points and the younger child needs to tell the buddy what the food item is and what is inside (such as the lunchboxfillings in a sandwich).

After assessing the lunch, each student could draw a picture of the things in their lunch box and the buddy could write the score for the item. Buddies remind students to write their name on the back of their lunch box picture.

Display the lunch box pictures but KEEP for the next lesson. Make sure each is named.


All students can help their team collect house points by enjoying a healthy lunch at school on

(DATE) ______/______/__________.

All classes will eat lunch with their buddies and older students will assist the younger classes to tally their lunch score.

Healthy foods have been allocated a point value which will be tallied and added to House Team scores.

10 point value foods include

  • wholemeal or grainy breads, rolls and
  • vegetables and salads
  • fruit
  • meat, chicken, fish
  • eggs
  • cheese
  • yogurt
  • pasta, rice
  • healthy dips
  • water

5 point value foods include

  • white breads, rolls and wraps
  • peanut butter, vegemite etc
  • healthy bars, slices, muffins etc
  • plain crackers and biscuits
  • fruit juice
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