Water vs Soft Drink


Print A3 copies of Freakout Facts, Acrostic poem & Say No to Soft Drink posters from the links below

Print a copy of Freakout Facts 1 & 2 for the students to use at their desks.

A3 paper per pair, scissors per pair, glue stick per pair

Read as a whole group or in smaller shared reading circles. Use Poster 4 to assist in explaining unknown words.

freakoutfacts1 freakoutfacts2 freakoutfacts3freakoutfacts4



















Make Up an Acrostic Poem

Make up an ACROSTIC poem about water and soft drink as a whole class, in small groups or individually. Discuss all the things they know about water and softdrink and teacher adds a sentence or a few words next to each letter of the wordwaterbottle_01


Water is very good for your body
Aqua is another word for water
Try and drink water after you have been active
Every time you are thirsty you should drink water
Refresh your body with water

Soft drink is full of sugar
Orally sweet drinks are bad for your teeth
Fruit is better for you than soft drink
Try not to have soft drink

Damage to your teeth will occur when you drink a lot of softdrink
Rotting teeth will be sore
I am going to try and drink less soft drink and more water
Not just bad for teeth but bad for your body
Kids should drink water and not soft drink


Each student could cut out a strip of the ACROSTIC poem and copy onto their own piece of paper. Draw a picture to help the younger kids to understand what the message is saying.

Hang the strips in order down a wall of the classroom to help the students see the messages. Ask the students to put them in the correct order before you hang the strips.


Read through the “Oh Say No to Soft Drink” song and have the children echo back.

Ask them some key messages in the song.

Sing again, just the first verse and the chorus. Repeat each verse and the chorus and ask the students to take a verse each to learn and put some dance moves to. Each group presents their moves after 10 minutes.

Put the moves together to create a dance.

Video the dance and show to parents, other classes, at assembly.

“Oh, Say No To Soft drinks”

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