Brush Your Teeth


Read through the song on the board with the students. Some may like to volunteer to have a go at reading a verse or a line with familiar words.teeth_01

Ask the following questions:

1. What is the song about?

2. Which words tell us HOW to brush our teeth ( circle, flick,scrubbing)

3. How MUCH toothpaste do we use? (Have the children show pea size with their fingers) Sing through the song again with the students. Sing each verse twice to help them remember it.

4. WHY do we brush our teeth? (Write ideas on the board)

5. With a show of hands, who brushes their teeth once a day? Twice? More?


Have an enlarged copy of the “Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth” and the version of the song with the syllable markings on the whiteboard or Smartboard for the students to see.

One copy of the song per pair without the syllable markings.

One highlighter or yellow texta per pair, one pencil per pair

If you can provide each child with a new, named toothbrush, that would be ideal, otherwise the students can use their pointer finger for the actions.












Suggested contacts are (Freight is usually payable by the receiver.)

Angela Tascone – Colgate Rep for WA & NT

Mobile: 0400 505 223 Fax: (08) 94555134
Call Centre: 1800 262 111


Henry Schein Halas (dental supply company) Adelaide

Phone: 1300 65 88 22 Fax: 1300 65 88 10
Speak to Patricia

Toothbrush sizes are: Adult , Child – 6+ years, Junior – 12 – 18 months to 6 years

Refer to the Tooth Brushing Manual link for correct explanation of circle, flicks and scrubs.


Put the students into pairs. One person in each pair is Number 1 and the other number 2.markers_03

Ask the number 1’s to collect a copy of the song per pair, a pencil and a yellow texta.

Number 2 starts with the texta. Each new question, the partners change turns at using the texta.

Ask the previous questions again but the students highlight the words that are the answers on their sheet. Discuss their answers.


Put the version of the song with syllable markings on the board for the students to see.brushyourteeth_02

Explain or revise a syllable and ask the students to clap the syllables of their own name, each has a turn.

Draw their attention to the new sheet on the board and ask what they think the marks are showing us.

Teacher – claps the syllables for each line in the first verse slowly as they sing. Ask the children to join in and have a go at clapping the syllables in the first verse.

Those who were unable to follow along, have them clap with you slowly, just the first line.

Now ask the students to share turns at marking the syllables on their own sheet.

Teacher has the option of leaving the sheet on the board or remove whilst the students are working.

Put the sheet back up and clap through again as a group. Teacher collects the sheets for perusal with both students’ names on the sheet.


Now put actions to the song. Working as a whole class or smaller groups, sing along to the song and students suggest an action for each line or verse.

Decide on which ones to adopt and practice song using the actions.

Sing the song each day after eating to show students the times when teeth brushing is ideal. If they have their own toothbrushes, have them actually brush their teeth after singing the song as a class.

Pic of teeth, brush, toothpaste around the page.

Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth

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