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Revise the idea of which foods to eat regularly and which to eat only sometimes by playing the Yes, No and Maybe Game.

One end of the room is Yes, the other end No and in the middle is Maybe.

Call out a statement about healthy food choices discussed in the last 2 sessions and ask the children to make a decision: Yes they agree, No they do not agree, Maybe, they are not sure.

“Ice cream is a sometimes food”

Children choose which corner of the room they would like to stand and move to that area. Ask one student at each area why they made that choice. Always ask the Maybe students why they chose that answer and ask the other students to help them make a definite decision with information or facts they may know. If they all move to the one area, ask a few people to respond to why they made that choice.

If you are working with students who are new to you, ask for volunteers to explain their choice. Don’t nominate students to respond as they may not have the confidence to talk in front of others.

“Spaghetti is a “Breads and Grains” food”

“Fish is a “Meat and Protein” Food”

“Fruits are sometimes foods”

Continue to think of statements to which the children can respond.


Write 3 signs on A4 or A3 paper: “Yes” “ No” “ Maybe”.

Place the yes sign at one end of the room, No at the opposite end of the room and Maybe in the middle of the room.


“Jimmy Says” – Knowing the sometimes foods.

(played to the same rules as Simon Says but no-one is out)know_sometimes_foods

Jimmy says rub you tummy if you eat fruit

Jimmy says show us your muscles if you eat vegetables (flex bicep arm muscle)

Jimmy says brush your teeth 2 times per day (brush your teeth)

Jimmy says drink lots of water (pretend to drink water from a cup)

Eat chips…….“I didn’t say Jimmy says, but what would Jimmy say?” (Students do not go out, ask another student to suggest a healthy Jimmy statement)

“It isn’t healthy” or “It isn’t good for you” or “It is a sometimes food” or “ Chips are sometimes foods,” are appropriate answers for this age

Jimmy says eat 2 serves of fruits a day

Jimmy says eat 5 serves of vegetables a day

Jimmy says eat less junk food

Eat ice cream every day……“I didn’t say Jimmy says, what would Jimmy say?”


Ask a student who displays a sound understanding of the “sometimes foods”, call out the instructions.

You may wish to have the Sometimes Food Chart on the board to help them remember the order.


“Yum, Yum Food, We’re in the Mood”yum_yum_food

(Similar rules to Red, Red, Rover)

Play on a grassed area. If using an oval, students run the width of the oval, not the length.

Teacher Note: If students do not have a variation of colour in their clothing or uniform, give them tags that match the colour of a fruit or vegetable.

e.g. Purple – eggplant or beetroot / Green – lettuce or apple

Choose 2 students to be IT to begin. They are known as “The Hungry Kids.”

The Hungry Kids stand in the middle of the grassed area and call out,

“Yum, yum food, we’re in the mood….. ”

And choose a fruit or vegetable,

for tomato”

Any students wearing the colour of that fruit or veg has to run across the “Hungry Zone” and try to make it safely to the other side.tomato

So to begin:

“Yum, yum food, we’re in the mood….. for tomato”

Anyone wearing red (the colour of tomato) runs across and the others remain where they are. The Hungry Kids run after the “tomatoes” and attempt to tip them.

Those not wearing red remain where they are until someone makes it safely to the other side, then everyone else runs too.

The Hungry Kids run after them and attempt to tip them.

If no-one makes it to the other side, the game continues without some students having run.

beetrootIf a student is tagged they join the group in the middle and become a Hungry Kid. Those who were last tagged choose the fruit or vegetable to be called next.

eg. “Yum, yum food, we’re in the mood…..for pineapple ”

If a food is called out that may be more than one colour, the teacher needs to verify the colours.

eg. Apples ( red, green, yellow ) Anyone wearing one of those colours needs to run.

When most of the children have been caught, start the game again with new Hungry Kids in the middle.

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