We have been learning about eating well, now let’s do it!pitawrap

Revise the many vegetable options the students have available to them to include in their meals. Use the charts the children made from previous lessons or the Food Group Charts.

Brainstorm on the whiteboard

I’m making a wholemeal sandwich and I’m going to add…..

Students sit in a circle. Teacher starts the game by saying,

“I’m making a wholemeal sandwich and I’m going to add … tomato”

The next student repeats the sentence and adds their own item.

“I’m making a wholemeal sandwich and I’m going to add tomato … and some carrot.

(Teacher can set the boundaries with extra inclusions such as: cheese, ham, chicken etc)

Each student must say all options previously suggested before they suggest their own. Continue the game around the circle until a student can’t think of all the items in order.

Begin again using a different topic or stick with the same topic.

We’re making a fruit salad and we’re putting in strawberries…

We’re making a salad and we’re going to add lettuce….

We’re making a wrap and we’re going to add avocado…

We’re going on a picnic and we’re going to take … apples (healthy food options)

We’re going for a walk and we’re going to take snacks such as … sultanas (healthy food options).


The students will be choosing a variety of toppings to make their own wrap, pita pocket or wholemeal sandwich. Choose healthy options and food that is easily accessible to the students and their families (especially remote students). You may choose to work in groups and grate carrot, cheese etc or you may have already organised before the lesson at recess yourself or a small group of helpers have stayed in at recess to assist.

If your students are involved in a remote lunch program, speak to the canteen supervisor or co-ordinator and ask if the students can put together their own sandwich on a particular day. They may need to wear plastic gloves, which reinforces the hygiene idea.

You may need to speak to a senior teacher or the principal for ideas on how to fund the produce you require.

If it is not viable for you to buy the produce, still play the first game in this activity and choose a skipping rhyme to play with the students that enforces the idea of healthy eating to complete the lesson. Skipping activities found in Lesson 6


Sandwich Process

Brainstorm the steps the students need to go through before they begin making their sandwich. They could draw a process using cartoon strips (30 minutes extra) or they could make suggestions and teacher writes/ draws the ideas on the board. Keep erasing, moving and inserting washinghands_01steps in the appropriate order.

Steer them towards this order: (washing hands process is an optional extra but preferable to revise)

Wet hands with water,

use soap and rub hands together,

check fingernails are clean,

rinse hands,

dry hands on a CLEAN cloth,

put on gloves when handling any food for others to consume,

set up the food processing line in this order: plates, bread, margarine and spreaders, fillings with forks or tongs to pick up food, serviettes.

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