The Truth About Milk


Although we use milk every day, lots of families may not know the truth about milk.

This information is an important message to relay to family members. A similar lesson is used in Band 2 to encourage the students to make their community aware. Activity 2 in this lesson gives a wide variety of suggestions for the teacher to inform community members. If unsure of the direction to take, discuss with the school staff or principal.

Assessment: Collect the scores from the students for Activity 1 and play the Truth or Fiction game again after they have completed Activity 2. Collect scores for the second game and compare with original results to assess if the students have improved their knowledge.


Print out copies of “The Truth About Milk” posters (2 page pdf)









Play Truth or Fiction

Students draw a line down the middle of a page.

Write a heading Truth on one side of the page and Fiction on the other.

Ask the students to explain the difference between truth/Truth and fiction before you begin.

Using the 2 “The Truth About Milk” posters read out a selection of either Truth or Fiction to the students and they write the question number under the heading they think is correct.

Stop and give the answer after each statement. They tick if the number is under the correct heading and put a line through the number if incorrect.

To make the activity into a competition, students receive points for each tick on their page at the end of the activity.

Ask if students are surprised about the correct answer. Would their family be surprised about some of the answers?

How can the students let their parents/ family members know the truth about milk?

Should the whole community be told? How can we do that?

NOTE: If you have lactose intolerant students in the class take the time to discuss what that means and ask them to share with the class the sorts of things they do to compensate for not being able to consume lactose products.


Follow up on the ideas the students had in letting their family and/or school community and/or their whole community know the Truths.

Some ideas may be:

1. Write a jingle

2. Make a radio play to record and play over the loud speaker at lunch time/before school

3. Write a script for a play to be shown to another grade, at assembly

4. Make a poster to be put near the canteen, in each classroom, in the front foyer

5. Make a brochure to be sent home to all families in the school explaining the class has the Truths and wanted to share with the school

6. Write an Urgent Announcement for the newsletter

7. Make up a dance – rap/street rap/ hip hop with someone reading out the Truths and others putting together moves to suit the words.

8. Film the dance/ role plays/ jingles

9. Write the Truths on a sheet of paper and make the sheet into a paper plane. Use the paper planes to throw to students in another class who do not know the Truths. The other students could respond with a question or if they do drink milk and which sort of milk they drink. Fold up the plane again and send back to the owner. Discuss the responses back in class.

10. Survey students around the school
(You could have 3 groups, each responsible for one of the questions and responsible for collection of data and graphing their results)

  • Do you drink milk?
  • Which sort of milk do you drink (Full fat or Reduced Fat)?
  • Do you drink milk every day?

Graph the results as a class and draw a large version of the graph on the concrete outside with chalk. Invite other classes and selected students could write a speech that explains the graph.

Run an information night for the class families /or the whole school. Students present the activity they undertook from the selection list or set up a display.

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