Taste vs Feelings


(Gaining Pre knowledge 20 minutes)

Brainstorm the idea, “Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels”

What does this mean?


A pencil per student

A copy of “Assessment Sheet – Band 3”

2 copies of “Healthy Tucker Rap” enlarged for the whiteboard (One to be read by the students and the second copy to be underlined with healthy living messages.)

A copy of “Healthy Tucker Rap” for each student or 4 copies, one per group










Have the students write healthy ideas into each category on Assessment Sheet – Band 3AssessmentSheetB3

Physical Health, Dietary Health, Environmental Health and Oral Health
Encourage them to write as many ideas as possible.
Some examples are as follows:

Physical Health
ride a bike, run etc

Dietary Health
eat less junk food, eat 5 serves of vegies a day, drink water, limit sugary drinks

Environmental Health
blow nose when runny, wipe surface before preparing a meal, wash hands before food preparation, wash face regularly.

Oral Health
brush teeth twice a day, don’t rinse mouth with water after brushing, just spit, replace toothbrush every term, limit sugary or acidic drinks

Teacher chooses a health area and asks students to volunteer to read some of their answers to the class. Repeat until all areas have been discussed. The teacher will gain an idea of the depth of student understanding from the number of responses and the accuracy of answers.

Students count how many answers they wrote for each column and write the number at the top of the column. Teacher collects to correct and compare with assessment results at end of unit.


Healthy Tucker Rap 40 minutes

Display the Healthy Tucker Rap words on the board.
Listen to the song and ask students to suggest messages the song is trying to send.
List their ideas on the board and link with an arrow or underline the parts of the song related to the message.
Listen again, add any further ideas.

Break the song down into verses and each verse into phrases or lines to help them learn the song.
Teacher chants the first verse, a phrase at a time, and the children echo back. Repeat procedure for the chorus. Repeat the procedure linking verse one and chorus.
Play the music again and children attempt to sing along with the first verse and the chorus.

Repeat the process for verses 2 and then 3.

Break students into 4 groups and allocate each group a verse or the chorus. Ask them to put dance moves to the song. Allow time for them to discuss, agree and practice moves.
Each group takes it in turns to share their dance moves with the class. Play the appropriate section of the song whilst they dance.

Extension 1: Link each group’s moves together to create a new dance to the Healthy Tucker Rap. Practice and perform to another class or at assembly. (This will take extra time.)

Extension 2: Students rephrase the song.

Healthy Tucker Rap

Drink milk and water every daybasketballdude_02
Sugary drinks NO stay away
Yoghurt and cheese are dairy based
Eat them early, won’t go to waste

Don’t get suckered by other’s habits
A chance to look smooth, go ‘n’ grab it
Groove and do the Healthy Tucker Rap
Jiggle your hips, give a High 5 slap

Apples and oranges, mango too
Juice them up and drink them dude
Fill your wrap with vegies that rock
Muscles will build and chicks will flock
repeat CHORUS

Pasta and grains, legumes and rice
You’ll look smooth bro, cool as ice
Junky is chunky so steer well clear
You could have a good bod every year
repeat CHORUS

Download the Lyric Sheet Here

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