Activity and Steps


As a group look at the chart of Number of Steps for Adults and Children
Show students the Number of Steps for Common Activities Page 1

Discuss the activities and the rating they are worth in steps for the effort you make when performing that activity (Page 1 and 2)

Ask the students to suggest why we need to do physical activity. Write responses and put them into the school newsletter. “Why is exercise important to us?”


An enlarged A3 copy of the “Number of Steps for Common Activities” (2 page pdf) on the whiteboardnumber_of_steps

A copy of the Number of Steps for Common Activities Page 1 and 2 Poster in A4 size per student

(If some students are going to find it difficult to calculate the figures, have the students work in pairs

with a capable student)

A highlighter (yellow texta or pencil) per student

A calculator per student/pair (Optional depending upon the teacher’s expectations)

Equipment for student selected activities


The 7,500 Steps Game

Aim: Choose activities and the length of time required to make 7,500 steps

Students can choose up to 6 activities to calculate

Choose 10 / 20/ 30 minutes at a time

A calculator may / may not be used (teacher to decide for individual students)

Students could round the steps to the nearest 10, making the answer easier to calculate


Can you get to 10,000?

Use moderate exercise only to get to 7,500 (longer exercise time)

Use high intensity only to get to 7,500 (shorter exercise time)

Select activities for a family member from the adult rates to add to 10,000. Design a weekly program for them and take home to show them.

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