Healthy is In


Discuss the need for students to make good decisions for themselves.
Healthy food is important to their bodies.
Point out the sometimes foods on the poster and ask the students to name them and items of food that are similar. Hands up if you eat take a way food once a week, twice a week, three times a week?
Hands up if you eat pies, hot chips, chocolate, soft drink etc.

Explain that these items can have excess fats and sugar in them and too much is not good for your body.
They are to be eaten sometimes, not every day.


An enlarged copy of “Healthy is In and Junk is Out” song

One copy of the song per student / per pair

An enlarged copy of the ATSIGHE Poster










Read through the song and ask the students for the key messages.
List the messages on the board.
Discuss the meanings of each verse and the chorus.

What does “gimmicks of the big companies” mean?

What is “head strong”?

What is a “health binge”?

What is the new trend?

What is in and what is out?

What age group is this song target to?

Is the message important? Why?

What other healthy eating messages could we add?

Attempt to add a new verse to the song by brainstorming with the class other messages that are important.


Discuss how you get this message out to other people in the community.

Put students into small groups and ask them to come up with an idea on who they are targeting (older community members, young children at the school, teachers etc) and how they can get the message across to them.

Present their ideas to the class and provide materials necessary for them to fulfil their ideas. e.g. Posters, radio play, photographic exhibition, assembly play, front office display, brochure for school families etc.


Teach the song to the students

Healthy is IN and Junk is OUT!

Hey you peeps there are changes anew
There is something you’ve gotta do
Hey you mob now listen hard
There’s a secret that you must guard

It’s a new trend and there’s no doubt
Healthy is in and junk is out

Get the word out to all the crew
This new trend is overdue
Stop when you shop and think about
How to change and health it out
repeat CHORUS

Buying vegies, grains and some fruit too
Will decide if you’re a trendy you
Don’t be a bore and stay the same
You’re missing out and that’s a shamet
repeat CHORUS

If you know it’s fatty and junky food
Stay head strong and be a dude
Don’t fall for the gimmicks of the big companies
Join the health binge my buddy please
repeat CHORUS

So have you decided if you’re in or out?
Eating the right foods is what it’s all about
I know you well bro, you’re in the groove
Let’s jump on the trend now, make the move
repeat CHORUS x 3 and fade

Download the Lyric Sheet Here

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