Good and Bad Facts


Quiz the students to find out their pre knowledge.avocado_01

Having too much fat in food can cause what?

What does good fats mean? Can you give me any examples?

What does bad fats mean? Any examples?

What is cholesterol?

What does high cholesterol cause?


A copy of the Good and Bad Fats Poster enlarged and placed on the whiteboardgood_and_bad_fats

A copy of “Good and Bad Fats” activity per student

Laminate the Poster and Activity sheet and send home as a place mat reminder


Read through the good and bad fats Poster, as a class.

Ask key questions:

Having too much fat can cause what?

What does good fats mean?

What does bad fats mean?

What does high cholesterol cause?


Complete the list of alternatives to bad fats. Fill the gaps and ask students to think of some of their own foods with bad fats and alternatives they could use.fish_01

Share ideas with a friend upon completion. Points could be awarded for each correct answer/ peer assessesment

Laminate and send home as a reminder for the student and their family

Good and Bad Fats Poster

Having some fat in your food plan is good for you, but most people eat food with too much fat which is a problem. Fat contains the most kilojoules (Kj) of all the nutrients we eat. So eating too much fat can cause weight gain if we don’t do enough exercise.

There are good fats:

Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated – found in vegetable oils

Margarines – canola, sunflower and olive

Nuts, seeds, avocado and fish

The good fats can help your heart stay healthy by lowering cholesterol. Low cholesterol is VERY GOOD.

There are bad fats:cookies_01

Saturated fats and trans fats – found in animal foods – fatty meats, butter, pastries, full fat dairy products, many snacks, most take away foods

High fat snacks are – crisps, chips, chocolate, pastries and biscuits

Bad fats lead to high cholesterol.

High cholesterol can lead to blockages in the veins running into the heart, which can cause heart disease and stroke. High cholesterol can also cause type 2 Diabetes. High cholesterol is NOT GOOD

What can I do?

We need to balance the amount of energy we take in and the amount of energy we use. Eat a small amount of good fats and avoid bad fats.


Replace butter in recipes with margarine or good oil
Use reduced fat milk in cooking and drinking
Buy reduced fat yoghurt, reduced fat ice cream, reduced fat custard, reduced fat cheeses
Eat less high fat snacks
Eat trim meat- cut off the fat, no chicken skin.
Limit take away to once every two weeks
Encourage your family to use low fat cooking methods – grilling, non stick frying, microwaving, barbecuing or steaming
Eat 1 or 2 fish meals per week
Add nuts and seeds to your cooking to get “good” fats

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