Healthy Food Dude


Discuss the amount of vegetables the students eat in their daily diet.

Play the Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down Game.

Thumbs up if the answer is yes, thumbs down if the answer is no.

Who has eaten vegetables today? Who ate vegetables yesterday?

Who had vegetables in their lunch? Who eats vegetables as a snack?


Copy and enlarge to A3 the copy of Healthy Food Is Cool Dude song

One copy per student of the “How many vegetables do you eat?” Chart.

One pencil per student

Whiteboard marker for teacher









Hand out the vegetable chart and discuss the vegetables and the colour of different vegetables.

Ask them to complete the chart to see if they have eaten many vegetables in the last 2 days (yesterday and today). Students could take the chart home to complete for dinner and bring back to school.


Put the words to Healthy Food Dude on the board.

Read through with the students.

What are the key messages of the song? Teacher writes responses on the whiteboard.

Ask the students to put the messages in order from the most important to least.

(This should create disagreements amongst the students as to which are the most important as they are all important.)

Ask the students to choose a particular statement and work with other students who picked the same key message to write a list of reasons why their message is the most important.

Have a debate with the class, having representatives one at a time stand up and report on the ideas of the group. Ensure only one person speaks at a time. Encourage students to put their hand up if they would like to put forward an opposing idea or argument.


Learn and sing the song.

Teacher reads the words and students echo. Sing through first verse and then the chorus. Repeat. Move onto next verse and the chorus, repeat. Go back to start of song and practice first and second verses and then move onto the third chorus etc.


Put actions to the song if time allows and have groups present their dance to the whole class.

Healthy Food is Cool Dude!

Eat healthy foods instead of junk
Ensures you’re not a dead set punk
Chips and soft drink might taste O.K
But they don’t help in any way

You want to be real cool dude?
You need to eat more healthy food
You wanna be the best you can?
Then make good choices for YOU man

Don’t get suckered by your peeps
You can go forward in giant leaps
By saying no to loads of junk
Who really wants to eat that gunk?

Stick up for you, eat what you know
Will help your body grow, grow, grow.
Nourish your brain and body too
You’ll achieve the very best YOU

Junky foods just stunt your growth
Brains and power, you’ll have both
A balanced diet is fully cool,
You really get that, you’re no fool

Just steer clear of sugary drink
Give that idea a good sound think
When you’re careful what you put inside
Then you’re on the Healthy Ride

Download the Lyric Sheet Here

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