Freaky Facts Pt 1


Hand out a copy of Freak You Out Facts – Soft Drinks Poster 1, 2 and 3

Read as a whole group or in smaller shared reading circles. Use Poster 4 to assist in explaining unknown words.


Print one A3 copy per person of:













Ask the students to choose from Poster 1 or 2 and cut the sentences into strips. Then on an A3 sheet of paper ask them to create a mind map or a time line to show the order of the events. They will need paste and scissors. Work in pairs.

Ask the students to present their posters to the group and the class can give feedback as to whether the items are in the correct order.


Ask the students to suggest the key messages of Poster 1 and 2 and teacher writes their ideas on the whiteboard. Students decorate their own posters with pictograms to show the key messages.

Keep the posters for Lesson 6.

Posters could be displayed in the front office or around the room on completion of lesson 6.

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