Years 1 and 2 Achievement Standard Lesson 9 Skipping & Elastics


Years 1 and 2 Achievement Standard Lesson 9 – Skipping & Elastics


Read through each song or rhyme with the students before you begin the activities.skipping_01

Ensure each student knows the sized rope that is ideal for them.

Students put handles together and a foot onto the middle of the rope, on the ground. The rope (excluding handles) should pull up to just under their arm pits. If the rope does not make the arm pits it is too small. If the rope extends past the arm pits, the rope is too long. Most ropes have coloured handles, which helps the students remember the size for them.

Use a whistle to stop students after 5 or 10 minutes. They rotate from one activity to the next and have a water break every second rotation.



The students would benefit from knowing these rhymes before they begin using them in skipping and elastics games. They could be incorporated into handwriting activities, circle reading sessions, reading comprehension activities, writing their own jingles, substituting words in the jingles or spelling activities a week before this lesson is attempted. If not they could be incorporated into the English program the following week after the lesson is taught.

It is recommended you set these activities up each morning for a week or attempt every second day over 2 or 3 weeks.

Skipping can be performed as single skippers or pairs with ropes linked or as a small group with a handle tied to a pole and the other end worked by a student or teacher. Set up each station well away from the others to ensure the students are not whipping each other. If you can’t find commercial elastics to use, just lengths of elastics tied into a knot will suffice.


A copy of each skipping rhyme enlarged to A3 and laminated to ensure they last for a few weeks.

A copy of each elastics activity with pictures of feet placement. Laminate these also.

BluTac to stick the posters to the walls or onto poles for students to read.

Skipping ropes – 4 large ropes and 2 elastics

or 3 large ropes and single ropes for 1 station and 2 elastics

or 2 large ropes and single ropes for 2 stations and 2 elastics




















Staton 1 - How Old's Your Toothbrush?

Let me/ tell you/ the facts /about /your own/ toothbrush!
Every /term they /wear out,/ the heads /all crush

Rinse them/ after /each use/, store them/ so they’re/ dry,
Please don’t/ chew your/ toothbrush/ or it /will die!

Staton 2 - Every Day is the Way


Tooth brushing should be done every day for life
If you don’t brush, your teeth will be in strife

Brushing gives you fresh breath and healthy gums
A beautiful smile and lots of chums

Staton 3 - Keeping the Germs Away

Brushing your teeth twice every single day
Encourages strong teeth and keeps the germs away

Try and make it a habit or it won’t work
And those rotten germs will go berserk!

Staton 4 - I Love Drinking Water

I love drinking water, it’s the best drink
Water is good for you, what do you think?

Been drinking water? What’s the amount?
Whilst you’re skipping, we will count

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8



Staton 5

Saying no to soft drink is my new goal
It eats at my teeth and I don’t want the hole

Staton 6

Sugary drinks aren’t good I know
Water’s the best to help me grow

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